I work with beliefs all the time – well others peoples – but I am not as vigilant on picking up on my own unhelpful beliefs – especially where my body is concerned.

Imagine the scene – I’ve just been running up and down the stairs as instructed by my personal trainer, we do some weights and then he says “Get on the floor”. This is because we’re now going to do some sit ups. It’s then that I start to slow down. I “ooh” and I “agh” as I first place one hand, then the other, then one knee and then the other on the floor before turning over and finally lying on my back. It’s not done with any fluidity and feels like I need some WD40!

Last week I turned to him and suggested we needed to set a goal of me being able to easily, effortlessly and with some grace get myself to the floor and back up again. He promptly said “You have a minute to see how many times you can go from lying to standing and back again – your minute starts now!”. And there I was springing up and lying and agilely standing again for the next minute. We did this a couple more times. He then said “Right let’s get back to those sit ups!”and I was back to “ooh”ing and “agh”ing with one hand then the next……!

When I realised what I was doing I couldn’t stop laughing as I realised that the lack of agility and grace had all been in my head – I just need to take it out and replace it with something more helpful and accurate! 

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