If you’re still looking for ideas on where to steer your wellness programme for this year, here are a few suggestions based on what our teams have been delivering so far in 2012.

If you’d like further information on how to set up any of these initiatives and begin experiencing the benefits of an invigorated work force right away, please get in touch at [email protected]
All of these interventions are in line with the key objectives for any wellness programmes which are to provide:
1. A variety of exciting initiatives
2. Motivation towards individual behaviour change
3. Practical advice people can act on right away to help them feel great

As long as you cover these vital areas, your initiatives will be successful.  So what’s been working well and what could you try for your organisation?
A Healthy Eating Plan for your business
In January, we put together a 6-week healthy eating plan for one of our clients.  The plan is designed to help staff across the country experience great energy throughout the day.  The plan includes ideas for meals, snacks, drinks, restaurant choices and healthy eating on the go.  There’s also a shopping list and some template ideas for how to design the food routine that works for every individual. 
Benefits: Basically, it’s all anyone needs to eat well every single day.
Client feedback: The plan is great.  Incredibly detailed.  Thank you.
Corporate challenge
Also in January, on one of our regular 5km corporate challenges we saw a new course record and some impressive times from the whole group.  Those who took part were elated with their results.  Those who came along to support were inspired towards achievements of their own.
Benefits: A fantastic team event that caters for all levels of fitness
Participant feedback: I was so inspired by seeing all my colleagues of different abilities doing something active.  I wished I’d taken part rather than taking photos.  I’m definitely going to run next time.
Wellness modules for Leadership Programmes
All management and leadership programmes benefit from a wellness component.  We delivered a selection of strategic and practical sessions in January.
Benefits: It’s a great opportunity to help staff discover how to get the most out of themselves mentally and physically, personally and professionally.  Helps all of your leaders take their performance to the next level.
Participant feedback:

Wellbeing day
As usual, January saw us out on the road delivering wellbeing events for a number of our clients.
Benefits: A great opportunity to send some simple yet powerful wellbeing messages with some taster sessions and workshops.  Also a fantastic way to gather information from staff on what they would find most useful in a wellbeing programme moving forwards

Client feedback: Just wanted to say thank you for coming in with your team yesterday. We have had great feedback on the sessions and I hope you all enjoyed the day too

Running clinic with online and offline support
One client, whose office includes some established runners as well as some staff looking to take their first few steps with running, wanted to find out how to get the most out of their training sessions.  We took them out to show them the fundamentals of running technique and provided them with some running specific workouts to help them improve their strength and stamina.
Benefits: These sessions can make an enormous difference to the progress runners of all levels are able to make.
Participant feedback: I’m not sure how this is possible but now my running feels easier though I’m going faster.
Stretch, relax and refocus exercises for busy commuters
Travel time is often seen as dead time as far as wellbeing is concerned, but not any more.  We’ve put together a plan that keeps people in great shape on the move and ensures they end their commute feeling energised and fired up for whatever comes next.
Benefits: Showing staff how to take simple steps to help with their wellbeing throughout each day helps them stay focused on personal performance as a priority
Participant feedback: I try to use just one of these ideas on each journey.  Over the course of the week it really makes a difference.
Office massage
10-minute treatments at the desk
Benefits:  Quick, easy, non-intrusive, improves circulation, boosts immunity, relaxes and recharges staff, always much appreciated by those who receive treatments.
Participant feedback: Your regular massages are enough to keep me focused on my posture and energy throughout the year.
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