We cannot change our past. We cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is to rely on the one source of strength we have and that is our own ATTITUDE!


<span I am convinced that life is ten percent what happens to people and 90 percent how we react to it. It is all a matter of attitude. A positive attitude doesn’t just happen. It’s something you have to work at all the time. At Dale Carnegie we get our graduates to understand that behaviour change does not happen just because they have participated on a 3 day intensive personal development programme.  Behaviour change is a long term process that requires the individual to want to change fundamentally and to set goals around obtaining that shift.


With a positive, optimistic attitude, each of us can overcome adversities and prove negative attitudes and predictions to be wrong. A positive hardy attitude is of primary importance in dealing with life challenges. Persons with positive attitudes have a clear focus, well-defined objectives and enthusiasm for life. This has nothing to do with how bright they are,  it is all attitude control.

Attitude is our reaction to life’s every day experiences. Attitudes are personal feelings that we create and control. We, therefore, need to use our energies to bring about positive attitudes, thus empowering ourselves with good feelings that improve all aspects of our lives physically, socially and intellectually. Our attitude is a big determining factor of our own destiny as individuals and employees. A website that I have found of interest that maps out your personal rhythms/attitudes http://www.facade.com/biorhythm might give you some food for thought around this topic.

All of us, at onetime or another, express the three different types of attitudes: positive, negative and neutral. “Those with a neutral attitude are sometimes the most challenging to deal with. We often try to avoid contact with those carrying a negative attitude, “the critics of the game of life.” And we are drawn to those with a positive attitude, “the players of the game of life.

So how do you adjust your attitude toward the positive and maintain that attitude?
“Listen to yourself talk and listen to the voice within. “You have to pursue happiness. It won’t come knocking. You have to find the good things in each day, and you have to stop shooting yourself, stop berating yourself for something that didn’t work quite right.”

To maintain that sunny disposition, try starting each day with a pep talk to yourself; make it a habit to enjoy the good moments; express, rather than suppress, your feelings; and surround yourself with a positive environment, by decorating your home or office with things that give you pleasure.


So stop waiting for somebody or something to change your attitude but rather take ownership of it this instance . If you beleive that an attitude shift is important to you now and you are looking to have a conversation around what type of personal development might support you to achieve better control then contact me on 0207 379 4323 


Mark de Stadler

Performance consultant and coach 

Dale Carnegie London