Don’t you just love how some movies make you think long after you’ve left the cinema? I know this is a very tenuous and gratuitous link to the Oscars but I’ve been exercising my mind thinking about which films I’d choose to illustrate the feelings you’d want employees to engage with in a high performance culture. So just for fun…….. here’s the first one of ten I think illustrate the key elements (I’ll post another each day over the next ten days). You may disagree with my interpretation or think there are better examples – feel free to comment with your suggestions!

Number 1 – Purpose
Every organisation wants committed people. But without a clear purpose there’s nothing to be committed to! Organisations whose people commit themselves wholeheartedly, generate it because people associate and connect with its purpose and with the outcomes which result from it. People do extraordinary things when they have a sense of purpose and they connect with their organisation when the organisation is the means to deliver the purpose.

So if you want to create a vibrant culture in which people commit fully to the organisation, make sure the purpose is clearly articulated and communicated in a way that people can connect with.

The film that illustrates it for me is ‘The Magnificent Seven’. A remake of ‘The Seven Samurai’, it’s a story about a small Mexican town that is terrorised by the bandit Calvera who steals their food periodically. When they are once again attacked by the bandit, three farmers seek help to defend their town. They ask one of the heroes, Chris Adams (played by Yul Brynner) to help them. He recruits five others and they are eventually joined by a sixth, forming the ‘Magnificent Seven’. They all come for a different reason but combine together around a common purpose – to defend the people of the town and stop the injustice.

Great cast, great score, great film – one of my favourites!

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