Another day at work.

You came into your office, full of a positive energy and caffeine from the coffee drunk this morning. You sat down at your desk which you carefully tidied the previous day; you’re focused, well – motivated and ready for today’s challenges.

So far a good start!

8:52 You’ve just opened your inbox – 52 emails (most of them flagged ‘urgent’) are saying to you ‘Good morning’

9:07 Martin from R&D department has rung sick again. 5th time during the last 3 months!! His manager thinks he is pulling sickies and wants to start an investigation. He asked for your advice and Martin’s absence data from the last year.

9:20 Researching Martin’s absence documentation. ‘I should really sort out my files!’

9:45 Tom from IT sent you an email– he forgot how many holidays he has left and if he can have 29th April off or not.

10:00 You’ve just received an email from your warehouse operator – he hasn’t been paid for his overtime last month. Must check that!

10:30 Kate from finance has just handed in her notice – felt in love with a Spanish guy and going for a trip all over the world with him. Lucky girl!! Need to start recruiting for a new Kate asap!

11:00 You have finally managed to start doing this month’s payroll for all your 90 employees which needs to be finished by Friday. ‘Ahh!’ <- your inner voice screams loud!

11:15 Can’t focus on payroll as you’ve just had a phone call from production manager saying that 3 people from his department were late today causing a significant delay in an order delivery. Need to prepare a new procedure for dealing with lateness!

12:00 No time for a full lunch break! You need to check all your files on C: drive to find Martin’s absence documentation! You wish you could have an assistant!

13:00 Still searching! More emails arriving and it does not help that you have answered today at least 5 phone calls from recruitment agencies! ‘Do they know what ‘not interested’ mean ?!’

14:00 Back to payroll! Only 2.5 days left and many spreadsheets to go through! Plus you haven’t even started preparing the year end figures!

Ahh! It will be a long evening….

Does this sound familiar? Then stop getting stressed and think about a solution!

To support hardworking HR professionals Mitrefinch’s developed Time and Attendance and HR systems. These solutions enable you to monitor the working time of your employees and automate long administrative tasks, in turn enhancing productivity and providing necessary information regarding employees absence information.

In addition, by eliminating the manual calculation of working hours, an effective Time and Attendance System will minimise your headaches caused by administrative work involved with payroll processing and help you gain peace of mind regarding compliance with workforce regulations.

Employee Self Service module would allow your staff to manage their own attendance and holiday information in a controlled, accessible and efficient way. Employees could simply access the system online to view remaining leave, entitlements, and request updates to their personal records without having to bother the HR department.

With HR Manager all your employee data, files and correspondence are centrally stored, making the filing and retrieving of vital information quick and easy to manage, and reducing the risk of error. The stored information can be used to run reports on past and present data, such as training and development requirements.

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