It may just be my favorite day of the year. The work flow stops around 3:30, everyone starts gathering around the cute office Christmas tree, the egg nog (and sometimes adult beverages) comes out, and everyone prepares for the party.

Here are three tips to ensure your coworkers have a great time:

1) Make sure you keep things appropriate

It can be a tough balance to ensure that everyone is happy with how things go. The example that always comes to mind is the US version of The Office, where the character Angela is offended by even the slightest of jokes and humor. While that example might be a bit extreme, it is important to keep things perhaps within a "PG" rating.

While having alcohol and goofy gifts are perhaps not offensive to some, it might be a good idea to test the waters early to accomodate for any special requests.

Those coworkers with kids might also appreciate extra consideration for their younger family members who might be in attendance.

2) Pre-plan some things, but let the night flow

This is a great time for coworkers to get a better chance getting to know one another. It’s a relaxed environment that will certainly make it easier for casual conversation to occur that might not happen on a normal work day.  No sense overcrowding the night with too many activities.

Here are a few good ideas though, for those inclined to offer some pre-planned fun:

3)  Do something special for your team

A lot of companies have seen tough times the past few years. It seems things are balancing back out for most, now would be a great time to remind your team how valued they are on the team. Even the smallest token of appreciation will go miles in making your employees feel special. A small gift, bonus or even just a card with a personalized message can do wonders for team morale.

Most importantly, have fun!