Google was not the first search engine. Amazon was not the first eCommerce site. Walmart was not the first big-box department store.

And yet all three are at the top of their respective industries. Why?

Execution. And that all comes down to hiring the right people.

The point is it isn’t about being first. It isn’t even necessarily about having the best idea. It is about doing it better than everyone else.

And the only way to do that is to get the right people.

Think about it. If a sports team was struggling, the solution wouldn’t be to get a new stadium or a new marketing strategy. It would be to get new people – either great coaches or great players – who could turn the team around.

Business is no different. The success of any organization is ultimately dependent on the people who work there (sounds obvious, but far too often that fact is overlooked).

Bottom line, there is only one competitive edge that matters in business: hiring and properly developing the right people.

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