2015 has been dubbed as “The Year of the Candidate” by HR managers, recruiters and industry specialists. It’s true that the market has once again shifted from being employer-driven to candidate-driven, but what we are really seeing is a focus on passive candidates. According to research from LinkedIn, 61% of companies are looking to recruit passive candidates and that figure is set to rise.

Power in the hands of the passives

Only 25% of global respondents asked in a recent LinkedIn survey were actively searching for employment. However, a massive 45% of respondents said that they would be open to speaking with a recruiter. The balance towards hiring passive candidates is, without a doubt, tipping in their favour. In the continued battle over talent in which the demand far outreaches the supply, HR teams are having to look to other sources, including passive candidates, to meet their needs.

Pulling the passives

Naturally recruiting candidates who are already established in their current position presents it’s challenges. The employer’s pull factors need to be stronger for the proposition of changing jobs to seem like a good deal. There are three top criteria that, in general, passive candidates are looking for in an offer. These priorities will come as no surprise to recruiters, but those that overlook them will have limited success.

With the power well and truly in the hands of the candidates, now is the time to make the hiring process more personal than it was before. Start out with an eye catching offer to pull in the passive candidates, but don’t underestimate the importance of finding out their individual needs as well.