A friend of mine attended a training course last week and came back with this gem of advice that really resonated with me.  

Always make sure you try and do new things; don't always go to the same restaurant or bar, don’t go to the same place on holiday time and time again, don’t always do the same run or exercise class.  Instead, learn a new skill, language or sport, eat new and different foods, speak to people you wouldn't normally speak to, visit somewhere new etc… 

When we are young time goes so slowly because we are constantly experiencing and learning about new things, as we get older time starts to fly by because we have learnt and processed so much information.  By doing, learning and seeing new things life will start to slow down – take the example of a weekend away to somewhere you’ve never been – when you arrive home you can’t believe it was only 2 days ago you left, it feels like a week because those 2 days have been filled with new experiences.   

Routine blends each day into the next so to live a longer life ditch the routine and try something new.

by Lyn Strahan

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