I have a real love of ‘time’, how we relate to it and how we distort it, so I often use this question I heard some time ago. I believe it was in the film "the secret", but can’t recall who said it. It goes like this:

"Imagine if you could recall your future and create your past, what possibilities would that open up for you?"

I used it just the other day in the context of an executive client of mine. He was having difficulty imagining his future, yet he had made his past memories so solid that the beliefs formed around these were almost impenetrable to him.

This, combined with a couple of simple exercises, resulted in him unlocking a problem that had existed for some number of months, perhaps even years. Oh, and he was able to get a much clearer view of what the future could hold for him, too!

Does anyone else have examples of questions that distort time?