Recognise This! – Reviewing the favorite posts of other readers may highlight a new favorite for you.

I’m gratified to see many of my favorite posts from 2014 on this list, which is compiled from the most-read posts of 2014.(Click through on the titles for the full post.)

Which are your favorites?

1) Do These 2 Things or Watch Your Best Employees Leave

Recognise This! – Ongoing, immediate recognition of excellence is as important as career growth and development opportunities to retain top talent.

2) Why Employee Engagement Doesn’t Work

Recognise This! – Buzzwords don’t deliver desired results. Effort to communicate meaning and value does.

3) Perseverance and Progress: Why Grit Matters at Work

Recognise This! – Yes, we need smart people at work, but we need “gritty” people more.

4) Exorcise Energy Vampires to Increase the Bottom Line

Recognise This! – Good performance cannot balance the negative impact of continuously destroying team moral.

5) Strengthening the “Weak Links”

Recognise This! – Teams are made up of individuals who have varying strengths. Bringing out everyone’s strengths further strengthens the team and its results.

6) 5 Steps to Align Your Culture so All Employees Are Committed to Achieving Your Strategy

Recognise This! – Daily employee behaviours contribute to or detract from achieving company strategic objectives. Be sure you’re encouraging the right behaviours depending on your strategic objectives.

7) 5 Types of Fatigued Employees & How to Help Them Re-Engage

Recognise This! – Energy ebbs and flows over time, but we can help employees re-engage when we identify and address key areas of fatigue.

8) How to Love Work Again

Recognise This! – We all want to do good work and also do right by ourselves and our families. Balancing these “energy” needs is the path to success – at work and at home.

9) 3 Tips to Become an Exceptional Manager

Recognise This! – Selflessness, good assumptions and recognition are the most powerful tools in the good manager’s arsenal.

10) 5 Must-Haves for a Meaningful Message of Appreciation

Recognise This! – We see good examples of recognition around us all the time. The trick is incorporating those lessons in how we recognise others.

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