An engaged employee is someone who will go that extra mile for your company. Companies with high employee engagement levels grow on average 4.5 times faster than those with low levels*. Engaged employees means lower staff turnover & higher productivity. However, engagement takes work – here are our top tips to help you achieve an engaged workforce.
*study by Hays 2010

1. Show appreciation. If an employee has done well, let them know you know it. A simple thank you goes a long way to increasing engagement.

2. Give feedback. Managers giving little or no feedback to their workers fail to engage 98% of them*. Let employees know how they are doing & what they can do to improve. Set goals together.     
*Study by Gallup 2009

3. Reward good work. Have exciting rewards on offer to give employees something tangible to work towards.

4. Create an engaging atmosphere. An open door policy creates an approachable feel to the office, where employees feel comfortable. Ensure management have a physical presence in the office – not solely via email.

5. Involve employees. Involving them in company decisions will make them feel part of the organisation & give them a sense of ownership of their success.

6. Keep them up to date. Let them know about any changes in the company & give them access to information.

7. Encourage suggestions & input. Let them know their opinions count…. they probably have some really great ideas which will benefit the company too.

8. Link employee objectives to the overall company goals. Ensure they know how they are contributing to the company’s vision.

9. Encourage development. Offer training. This will show employees that you are willing to invest in them, as well as leaving you with an engaged & skilled workforce. 71% of European employees stated that improving their skills at work would encourage them to put in more discretionary effort*.    
*Survey by Towers Perrin 2006

10. Use their talents. Find out what talents they have or want to have. Use these when delegating projects to ensure they are using their talents & developing in the right areas.