Recruiting is a tedious and finding a well-suited candidate for a firm is very difficult tsk for every HR manger. Many times, even the most experienced recruiters also commit errors while hiring a best-fit candidate. Following are a few basic tips that will help you to hire better.


1) Write the perfect job description.

A job description gives you the complete idea about what is expected from a candidate, what his qualifications should be, his required job experience, the skills and abilities he must possess, etc.If a job description has gaps it leads to errors while recruiting, as the candidate does not understand what exactly his role is. Make sure that your current job descriptions are up to date. Making minor changes like listing key job responsibilities also makes difference. Try to keep your job descriptions easy to understand and to the point. It should clearly put forth the roles and tasks expected from the candidate.

2) Keep the process of applying for the job hassle- free:

Keep the filling of forms and pages to a minimum when a candidate has to apply for your job. If he is asked to fill up a large number of forms and pages before he can apply for the job there is a fair chance you will lose him even before he applies. When you are looking for highly qualified staff members they obviously might have other options other than yours. Make the application process short and appealing to the candidates.

3) Use technology to your benefit:

Hiring can actually be made very easy with the use of the newest technology available in the market. Try an online automated employee recruitment software. There are many talent acquisition softwares available which will help HR managers to find employees online. An online talent acquisition platform not only makes the hiring process easier but also helps you find better-fit candidates for your job vacancy. All you have to do is upload your job description and this software makes the rest of the job easier for you.

4) Involve your current employees:

       You have a few opportunities where you can involve your employees in the hiring process. You can start an employee referral program for your employees. The benefits of the same are:

Your employees can recommend excellent candidates for your firm as they are already working there and have a fair idea about the rules and regulations of the organization. They understand your requirements and accordingly, can recommend candidates that will fit in best in your culture and atmosphere. They can help in the entire hiring process. Right from screening the resumes to initial screening process and to the final selection. They can be of great assistance. If not employee referral, they can also help in interviewing people to find the right fit for the organization.

5) Make use of social networking sites:

Make the best possible use of social networking sites for your job vacancies. Most of the job seekers are active on these sites and are constantly scouting for a job on networking platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, etc. Keep your company profile active on all these websites and post any new job openings that you have. Create your own website and add all the company information. Be sure to make it as attractive and as interactive as you can.


In current recruitment market scenario it is really difficult for employers, recruiters, HR managers to hire a best-fit candidate in organization. It is important that the candidate should have all kind of technical, professional and cultural qualities to deliver best performance at work place. I think the recruitment guidelines, which are written in this article will definitely help all the employers.

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