Virgin held its fourth live debate on Thursday April 23 covering workplace wellbeing, which featured a great panel consisting of:

The panel discussed the current state of workplace wellbeing and what changes are needed in the future to make it better in our dynamic and ever-changing work environment. 

We strongly recommend you watch the debate yourself, but for those of you who are pressed for time, here are the highlights in 140 characters:

You can read more about the importance of employee wellbeing in our Five Crowdsourced Tips for Employee Engagement, or check out our ‘What is Employee Engagement?’ slide deck for further tips and insight around the subject of wellbeing and engagement.

North American folk with an interest in engaging their employees or meeting other like-minded peers can also attend the Employee Engagement Awards & Conference in NYC this June – with speakers including Aaron Hurst (CEO, Imperative), Terry Byrnes (Vice President, Caesars Entertainment) and our very own editor Jamie Lawrence, there’s no better place to find insights, skills and strategies to optimise engagement in your organisation.