On a recent pre-emptive “beat the Christmas rush” visit to Oxford Street I scanned the gift area within a well known Health & Beauty store looking for early bargains and on my way out of the store had a little peek at the makeup counter. A boutique cosmetic brand caught my eye and as I looked through the latest products I noticed that under every pot, stick and varnish were advertisements for recruitment in their London Selfridges concession and it made me think; how important is it for today’s future talent to be passionate about their potential employer’s brand?

In the World of Recruitment there’s always an array of requirements, expectations and aspirations from both clients and candidates that we work with.  In the interim market, time is always of the essence and “bums on seats” with the precise skills set can overshadow the significance of a potential employee’s value and view of a future employer’s brand – but does it matter?

It all depends on the circumstances.  If a business is looking for someone to join a hugely passionate team to drive positive change and engagement within the business then the company’s brand perception is understandably important to the process. On the other hand, if immediately available talent with the matching skill set is what’s needed to cover “the Christmas rush” for example, then finding potential employees who are interested in the business probably isn’t high on the radar.

Understanding this from the offset is important, not only for the recruitment consultancies of the world but for businesses directly.  The search for future talent cannot be discovered without comprehending what is truly valued to the process first and clearly for this boutique cosmetic specialist finding an ambassador for their brand who has an existing passion is imperative to the business and the recruitment process they invest in.

Happy Shopping!!