Recognise This! – Positive comments from multiple sources are key to developing a culture in which all feedback is welcome, but don’t poison employee recognition with gamification.

Gamification is the latest hot buzzword, especially in the employee recognition world. But gamification (really, pointsification – read this post for an in-depth discussion on the difference) as traditionally implemented can be quite detrimental to the goals social recognition. Leaderboards and badges are particularly dangerous in employee recognition – a topic I explored in more depth in the article “Not a Good Mix,” from Premium Incentive Products magazine.

As I comment in the article, “This can poison a recognition programme since it introduces an artificial element into something that needs to be organic and inspired. This skews the recognition data as well, as employees are being rewarded for behaviours other than just great work performance.” Click over for more, including employee attitudes towards gamification in these programmes.

Also, check out my post yesterday on Compensation Cafe: Balancing Positive & Negative for Greater Return. In it, I share research as discussed by best-selling author Ken Blanchard on the importance of balancing positive and negative feedback so that both are heard in the spirit intended. And that balance is, in fact, 5 positive comments to 1 negative comment. That’s right, for us to be able to process constructive criticism in the way it’s intended, we need to know our overall contributions and efforts are valued and appreciated. And that must be given in a disproportionate way. Click over for the full story.

How does your organisation provide positive and negative feedback to employees? What ratio do you think you achieve? How do you encourage positivity and recognition?