Web 3.0, also known as ‘Next Web’, is no longer the future of HR, it is best practice.  While some people may not know what Web 3.0 means, they are already using its tools.


Web 2.0, an interactive social platform that facilitates open discussion (such as Youtube) has evolved into 3.0, a social bookmarking platform (such as StumbleUpon) that is based on users’ ratings and not Google algorithms.


These technologies are having a huge impact on business practices.  Web 3.0 is a way for companies to manage their information in more sophisticated and intuitive ways. 


Traditionally, companies ‘own’ their brand image: images, logos and company policy are predetermined.  But, with Web 3.0 and social media as influential ways to spread a brand image, the balance may be tipping.  Employees may have more influence than their company when it comes to communicating their brand. 


Companies no longer have full ‘ownership’ of brand building – customers, employees and suppliers have a say as well.  However, while company branding is quicker and more productive than ever before, employers need to ensure that the ‘right’ message is spread.  


How do companies safeguard brand loyalty from their employees? 


It can be difficult – and often destructive – for HR professionals to regulate employees’ use of social media.  Monitoring computer use may cause employees to feel as if they are constantly watched, and can damage the employee-employer relationship.


However, Next Web can actually engage employees in different ways.


Crowdsourcing, a community problem solving method, provides transparency, allows for the diversity of voice and can increase engagement.  Employees feel that their voice matters, and in the wave of 3.0 technology, it does.  Also, Web 3.0 is known as the future of learning and development functions.  The creation of a virtual data centre allows companies to create simulations, smart search and virtual worlds within the office.


Should HR professionals embrace the next wave in technology?  It seems that they already have.

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