Just like athletes, we all want to perform at our best in our chosen field.  Here are some key pointers that are crucial to peak athletic performance and that can be invaluable for all those wanting to make the most effective lifestyle choices and get great physical and mental results every day.

Establish your training goals

Do not waste a moment of training time wandering aimlessly around the gym or the park.  Set your self some clear exercise objectives be it an event, a charity venture, or improvements in health or fitness indicators such as blood pressure, cholesterol or body fat.  Decide exactly what you want from your exercise, make a plan to achieve it by a specific date and then execute your plan, starting right away.

Food is energy: garbage in, garbage out

Athletes are not comforted by comfort food, they are comforted by success.  Take a leaf out of their book and judge everything that you consume against the questions, ‘will what I’m about to eat or drink give me energy or rob me of energy?   Will this item make my day run easier or will it make my life more difficult?’

Sleep, rest and recovery are all components of optimum performance

Athletes always build in plenty of recovery time as part of their training routine because they know this is when the body and mind grow stronger.  Good sleep is also vital so here’s some advice on how to get a great night’s sleep:

How to Sleep Like a Baby

Eat Your Way to a Good night’s sleep

Eat Your Way to a Good night’s sleep (part 2)

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