Employee performance reviews is a must-do for any organization. Performance reviews done right, is one of the best opportunities to encourage and support high performers and constructively improve  middle and low performing employees. Performance reviews helps in professional development and strong relationship building. With so many advantages of performance reviews, am sure you would not want to go by the usual and regular performance reviews.

So what are the ways to make performance reviews worthwhile?

It is always better to keep performance reviews simple and straight.

1. Set proper expectations:  The first thing to do is to layout a quick agenda for the performance review and start the conversation with a positive note.  After this, you can quickly discuss about the things going on. Put forth the areas of growth and see what you can do to make your employees experience at work place even better.

2. Ask your employees perspective: It is your employee's review, so let them talk. This will give you a read of your employees thoughts. Allowing your employees do most of talking is an added benefit as they will be the once raising the potential areas where they are under-performing or suggest opportunities they are excited about.

3. Keep your feedback specific: Begin the review with the employees core area and commend for the work well done. Give them specific feedback with examples of their strengths and positive behavior. Recognizing  your employees good work will make them feel that their work is noticed and valued.

4. Make your employees feel that they can do better: If you sum up your review as "You are great!" to your most talented employee, you are holding back his chance to explore areas of growth. No matter how talented your employee is, think of ways he could grow and a position he would want to hold two or five years down the lane.

5. Set future expectations: To help your employee understand what's next is an important part of employee performance review. If you think of allotting anew project, or if they are in line for a promotion or appraisal, then guide them in way that will motivate them to take it up and do justice.

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