Recognise This! – If HR wants a seat at the table, then bring metrics the CEO cares about.

Over and over again, I hear HR pros talking about “getting a seat at the table.” Laurie Ruettimann’s post last week reminded me again of this highly contentious topic.

I’m always astounded that HR doesn’t have a seat at the table. Towers Watson reported:

“Today the lion’s share of corporate value – nearly three-quarters by some estimates – comes from an organisation’s people and their ideas, innovation and performance. Put another way, competitive advantage is increasingly being achieved through investments in people and skills rather than expenditures of capital for physical assets.”

If 75% of an organisation’s value comes from the people, and “people” are considered to be the domain of HR, then why doesn’t the senior executive team see the value in HR coming to the table?

I suggest HR needs to bring stronger metrics and reports to show progress (or needed areas of improvement) in a way the CEO cares about. Reporting statistics on the number of managers who failed once again to complete performance reviews in a timely manner isn’t going to cut it. What kind of metrics am I talking about?

What other metrics should HR “bring to the table?”

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