Every year, hundreds of thousands of students graduate from university or college and transform into the next generation of young professionals. These new, fresh and talented graduates are incredibly valuable and bring a huge amount of enthusiasm, energy and new ideas to the workplace. But what exactly are they looking for in an employer and how can you attract the cream of the crop?

Car salary sacrifice schemes

According to a recent study released by Employee Benefits Magazine, car salary sacrifice schemes are the nation’s favourite flexible workplace benefit. And with the chance to save up to 30% on motoring costs, it’s not hard to see why. Fleet Evolution offers a fantastic selection of salary sacrifice cars to suite every employee. From sleek sporty hybrids to robust four wheel drives, plans can be tailor made to suit individual needs.

Free food

In a recent Forbes article, free food was identified as one of the best perks an employer could offer its workforce. While some companies such as Google and Yahoo go all out with all you can eat buffets and cafeterias, free food on a smaller scale is also hugely appreciated. Pizza Fridays or after work drinks are a great idea and give employees the chance to wind down after a hard week’s work. Weekly fruit hampers are a great way to keep the workforce healthy while sweet products such as cakes or donuts also go down a treat (in moderation of course!). Another excellent idea is an in-house coffee machine that allows employees to enjoy barista style brews without leaving the office.

Physical health and wellbeing

The younger generation places a huge amount of value on health and wellbeing which means that workplaces offering associated perks are instantly more appealing. Whether it’s a complimentary gym membership, cycle to work scheme or free wearable fitness bands, encouraging your workforce to stay fit will not only boost loyalty but will also slash sick days, increase energy levels and ultimately boost your bottom line. 

Personalised freebies

If you want to lure in top rate employees offering an automatic discount on your services is strongly advised. Whether you work in retail or financial services, the gesture will be much appreciated. In addition, employees also place value on personalised freebies that are designed to suit their individual need. Having a rewards scheme in place and allowing employees to choose how they use their benefits is the ultimate way to say thanks! For example, TV buffs may choose to redeem a Netflix subscription, sports enthusiasts may request game tickets and parents may just want something as simple as a monthly babysitting voucher. Get creative and reap the rewards!

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