As recruitment advertising is a topic we know a thing or two about, here are our top pieces of advice to make sure your job adverts attract the talent you need…

Choose The Job Title With Care

Don’t get me wrong, I love an inventive job title. Who wouldn’t want to be a ‘Chief Experience Officer’ or a ‘Brand Evangelist’? However, when advertising your roles, whatever they may be, it’s important to be straightforward with their titles. Remember candidates search for jobs as you would search in Google – by keywords. So all the excellent candidates searching for ‘Marketing Manager’ roles may never see your ‘Brand Evangelist’ advert, as they’re unlikely to search by such an usual term.

Be Specific With The Location

We’re not saying you need to give the office address in your advert. However ‘London’ is a big place – and for those not looking to relocate it is off-putting to not know if a job is commutable before applying. So be specific, if the job is in Putney – say so! It benefits both parties – candidates don’t waste time applying to a job they can’t travel to, and you don’t waste time screening them unnecessarily.

Show The Salary

We find that jobs with a stated salary receive 20% more applications than those that don’t. So while it’s tempting to leave it as ‘negotiable’ you could be deterring top talent from hitting the apply button! Be up front with your candidates – they’ll appreciate your honesty, and if they’re in demand that could be a reason for them to choose you.

Keep Concise

The most effective job descriptions are usually around 300 words long. Of course, a particularly technical or niche role may require a longer than usual job description – we’re not recommending missing out important information! What we are suggesting is that you keep the details short and sweet, so candidates are fully informed as quickly as possible. Bullet points are a great way of getting across a large amount of attributes or responsibilities in a snappy way.

Think About Your Presentation

A job advert is an advert for your brand, not just for the role. So make sure it looks the part! If you’re uploading a logo, use a good quality image file (72ppi minimum) to make sure the image is crisp and clear. Separate your job description into clear paragraphs, and remember to spell check – you wouldn’t be impressed with a typo in a CV, so advertise as you would like to be applied to!

If you’re recruiting for your company, make sure you check out the range of niche job boards in our group – we could have a specialist job board perfect for your needs.