It’s easy to find lists of all the things not to put on your resume, but here is one about what you should include.

The first thing you should do is find an appropriate resume template. You don’t need to be wasting your time with styles and margins, your focus should be on the content. Here are a few tips to make sure your resume won’t get rejected.

Make sure your contact information is current

Make sure that the contact information you list is both current, and professional. Ditch the “[email protected]” that you have used since you were 16. Get a professional sounding email that reflects your full name, such as “[email protected].”

This is also a good time to remove your recording of “put a ring on it” as your voicemail greeting and replace it with your own voice thanking the caller and asking them to leave a message.

Know how to list your experience

The biggest mistake people make when filling out the experience section of their resume template is they write a job description for each position. Chances are the person reading the cv is already familiar with the job type, what they are looking for is what you accomplished during your time in that position.

Put a brief one sentence description of the job duties, but make the bulk of your experience entry about your accomplishments in the job. One hint though, showing up every day to work is not an accomplishment; creating change that leads to efficiency is an accomplishment.

List related items to the job position

A good resume template can walk you through all the information that you need on your resume, but it can’t tell you what kind of information to put down. Make sure that all of your experience, awards and other information relates to the job at hand. Do this without leaving any questionable gaps in your time line.

Make sure your resume looks amazing

Everyone sends in those boring black and white regular resumes. Why not stand out with a unique resume template?

At you can find very attractive templates that you can easily edit with Word.

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