Who is responsible for employee engagement? Knee-jerk reaction – HR. But what happens when the HR person responsible for engagement is no longer engaged? In this sad post, Venting HR Guy says:

“I’m mentally done. I’m burned out. I’m crispy. Stick a monster-sized fork in me and call it a day. What do you do to cure burn out? And who’s failing who here? But whose job is it to engage the guy who’s in charge of engagement. … I don’t care anymore, because I feel like no one cares about me. The Boss doesn’t make speeches or explain what the company is doing (even an email); it’s just loose talk where the problem is hinted at, no solutions, no plan, no leadership (though it is desperately needed). … So who’s failing who? Am I not failing the company because I’ve put a massive postage stamp on Summer 2009, and mailed it in? Is the company not failing me because they’ve done nothing to inspire engagement or interest or even… hope?”

I also like how Bret Simmons expresses this:

” Here is my concern: if we send our employees the message that their engagement is our responsibility, we create the conditions for dependent relationship. Employees assume the posture of waiting to be engaged because our rhetoric and systems teach them this is what we expect. I think we should send the message that self-engagement is everyone’s responsibility. Employees and managers share the responsibility to partner with each other to continuously improve processes and conditions necessary for peak performance to flourish.”

This is an important question to understand if you intend to influence employee engagement in your company at any level. I believe the company (management, leadership, HR, everyone) is responsible for creating an environment in which employees want to engage – one in which employees know what is expected of them, understand how those expectations help the company succeed, and are encouraged to recognise and appreciate achievement of their peers and subordinates in delivering those expectations.

That’s certainly an environment in which I’m engaged to give of my best. How about you?

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