Yesterday’s Telegraph covered some research by Benenden Healthcare into the lifestyle of what they call "nifty-fifties" compared to people in the twenties. Although Benenden haven’t published the details in full, they surveyed 4,000 people and it appears that those in their 50s get out more, see more friends and exercise more than people half their age. One would have thought that financial pressures may be less for the older people sampled but the research doesn’t offer this as a cause. Rather:

"The 50s put their active lifestyle down to "feeling young" and making time for themselves, but the 20-somethings said they were too knackered to get out as much as they like to."

Financial pressures aren’t mentioned at all – can 20-somethings really be too "knackered"? Or does this say something about the way 20-somethings work? The research is pretty compelling on the impact of multi-tasking on our cognitive ability and our resilience – is all that multi-tasking leading to mental exhaustion?