Recruitment agencies have a bad rep amongst HR departments. I've overheard many a moan and groan when agencies have decided to ignore job descriptions and still send in candidates. Likewise, I've been sat in an office and seen each employer get a call asking if they're looking for a new job. The cheek of it!

But hang on – before you type your tale of frustration into the comment box, let me put the case across for using a recruitment company to fill your latest job vacancy. Let’s face it, you're not going to find your dream candidate on the street – unless you're looking for this guy.

The first reason is time. Now, as a freelancer, your hatred of recruitment companies is great news for me. In the past when a position urgently needed to be filled, I've been called upon to provide cover. While I beavered away in the office, those in HR were busy writing job descriptions, waiting for candidates to apply and conducting multiple interviews. If the right person wasn't found, the whole process started again – brilliant for me but not so great for the HR department. Wouldn't it be great if someone could find the best talent for you and give you a shortlist? Well, a recruitment company can do that.

Next up is skills. Roles that require a high degree of technical know-how narrows down the number of suitable candidates. Unfortunately, it also means you're going to receive a large number of CVs from people who simply don't fit the bill. Thankfully, there is an answer – niche recruitment agencies. Companies like Touchpoint Resource and Magentalent  operate in specific sectors like eCommerce and digital marketing. In their databases are full of people with the exact skills you require. This means you don't have to compromise.

Now, let’s talk cost. I bet that got your attention. One of the most common reasons companies are reluctant to use a recruitment agency is because they have to pay them. Well, that's true. However, add up the cost of job boards, online and print advertising. Still think recruitment agencies are expensive? Don't forget the cost of a bad hire. Ensuring your recruitment process is efficient from the start is the best way to avoid costly mistakes.

So, do you still hate recruitment companies? Or will you consider using one in the future? 
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