A recent white paper from the global IT company Citrix looked at the usage strategy of their internal virtual communications.

They compared the efficiency of web based (visual and audio) conferencing with teleconferencing (audio).

The results showed that the visual element of webinars increases the participation of attendees, improves the efficiency of decisions and, most surprisingly, reduces the time it takes to complete projects.

Staff also report that they intend to utilise webinars more often than telephone conference in the future – especially when organising team meetings – and for staff training.

Emailogic offer fabulous interactive training webinars focusing on issues where staff can easily improve their personal effectiveness: email training and effective meetings training.

Both webinars are packed full of techniques that delegates immediately put in to practice to:
– save time
– communicate with impact and
– have successful meeting outcomes.

Emailogic web based training is delivered in a highly engaging way making use of all interactive tools available including live polls, instant chat and virtual ‘hands up’– ensuring engagement remains high (we measure it) which maximises the impact of the training.

Putting your staff through a live webinar is also a great way of making them aware of what can be achieved with webinar interactive tools.

So if you are using or thinking of introducing web conferencing in your organisation ask Emailogic to run a webinar for your team.

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