Recognise This! – Surveys without action cause more harm than good. Join our webinar to learn how to take appropriate action on survey findings.

I’m pleased to once again be joining Mary Ann Masarech, Employee Engagement Practice Leader at BlessingWhite, in a webinar on Tuesday, 27th March, at 3:00pm EDT (7:00pm GMT).

Mary Ann and I will be presenting Your Engagement Survey Is Done. Now What?” We’ll discuss the frightening reality that, if you ask employees what they think are the two most fruitless activities they are asked to engage in every year and two of the top responses will be:

  1. The annual performance review
  2. The annual employee engagement survey

As I’ve written before, this isn’t surprising as employees rarely ever see action or results taken based on employee surveys or reviews.  More often than not, companies spend endless hours analysing the data and not nearly enough taking action.

If you survey employees and find out they crave more recognition for their efforts, understand they are telling you they need to know their efforts are noticed and appreciated. They yearn to know that their work has greater meaning and purpose.

Mary Ann will discuss BlessingWhite research showing why you want to increase engagement, not just measure it. She will also explain the negative impact on employee engagement of confusing the two.

I will then share how, when done right, implementing a strategic recognition programme fulfills employee needs most commonly uncovered in engagement surveys.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to overcome “analysis paralysis” and create a strategic plan to act on your engagement survey results. You’ll also learn:

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