Meta-LUCID specialises in ‘transformational’ based interventions around talent management strategy to enable people to “think and execute” beyond their current limits. By doing so, we will contribute to improved business capability and outcomes, thusmaking high performance a discipline™in your business.

Achievement of client objectives relies on the effective and efficient deployment of resources. Meta-LUCID operates with a global resource pool of unique talent that substantially contributes to the breadth and depth of our capabilities. All our people, inside and outside of the firm, are Topgraded™ ‘A’ Players in their field of expertise. Our research and experience suggests that the differentiating characteristics of an ‘A’ player is RESOURCEFULNESS.

Meta-LUCID is built on the principle that we articulate and agree how the results of our intervention will be measured. Our aim is to get predictable outcomes from talent management initiatives and provide a source of sustainable competitive advantage for all our clients.