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Cradle to Grave Internet service launched by Goverment


Cabinet Office Minister, Ian McCartney, yesterday launched the new government website, UK Online.

The website first went live in December of 2000 during the beta-testing stage. Since that time the site has averaged 123,000 daily visitors, and recent research by the National Statistical Office indicate that nearly 1 in 5 adults who use the internet, do so to access Government information and services.

The new site has been developed in partnership with BT subsidiary, Syntegra.

Effort has been put into improving ease of access to information as there are over 1,000 government websites.

Future planned developments include adding new life events, improving links to local government sites and expanding availability through digital TV, WAP phones and Internet kiosks.

A Cabinet Office spokesperson emphatically denied that the site was for producing ‘propaganda’ for the government of the day, saying that the site was about making information more accessible.

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