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Credit crunch doom ignored by jobseekers


Candidates are positive about job prospects despite the reports of a labour market slowdown.

This is according to a new quarterly survey, by The Hotonline Network, which found that 84% of the 1,685 candidates questioned feel that they are more likely, or just as likely to, find a job in 2008 as they were in 2007.

More than half don’t feel under pressure to perform in order to hold down their job and say their confidence hasn’t been knocked by the credit crunch coverage.

In further evidence that workers aren’t prepared to ‘sit it out’, 77% of those questioned intend to change jobs within the next three months.

Interestingly, money is still the key motivator for employees considering a career move, with 31% citing a high salary as the biggest reason, followed by quicker career progression (17%) and job instability in their current role (13%).

Plus, 40% even expect to achieve a promotion within the next year, whilst 8% hope to do this within their current company and 32% within a new one.

Andy Baker, group director of Trinity Mirror Digital Recruitment, owners of The Hotonline Network, said: “Whilst reports show that certain industry sectors have felt the effects of the credit crunch over the last few months, this doesn’t mean there are fewer jobs around and our survey shows jobseekers are remaining confident about their career prospects for 2008.”

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Annie Hayes


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