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Cupid’s arrow hits UK plc


Finding love at work is on the increase.

This is the claim from employment law firm, Peninsula who found that almost eight in ten workers admitted to having had a workplace romance whilst a huge six in ten said they met their partner at work.

The survey revealed that:

  • 79% of all employees interviewed admitted to having had a workplace relationship

  • 65% of those polled had met their partner at work

Out of the 79% of those that had a workplace relationship:

  • 73% said that they tried to keep the relationship a secret, from other work colleagues

Peter Done, Managing Director of Peninsula commented:

“Employees are spending more time with their fellow colleagues because they are working longer hours. This is bringing employees together and naturally relationships form.”

Done, warns however, that when romances do disrupt work action needs to be taken.

“Employees need to ensure that they are not taking up the use of company resources such as email as this can be costly to employers. Workplace romances also sound very nice but one has to be careful that they do not grow stale. There are many cases where romances have turned nasty even to the point where dismissing staff has played a part. This can create all sorts of problems in the long run and may lead to employment tribunal.”

The survey polled 1274 employees.

Have you had a workplace romance? Does your company condone office dating? Tell us your story by posting your comments in the box below

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