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Dilbert: Excuse Me While I Wag


I may be wrong, but I suspect that HR people especially are keen on following the wisdom of Dilbert.

The latest tome of business advice to come via the pen of Scott Adams is called Dilbert: Excuse me while I wag, and the description says:

Learn all the latest inept management techniques, moronic mission statements and the best way to avoid meetings. Find out why common sense never prevails and that the only reason your incompetent boss hasn’t been fired is because your company is run by a consultant who is actually a dog.

I’ve ordered my copy for those summer days on the beach, without a care in the world other than learning how to improve my lot in the world of work (like yeah! right!)

This new publication is a snip at £5.99 whether bought for yourself or as a gift for a colleague. Buy it now from Blackwells Bookstore on HR Zone.

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