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Employees risk getting fired for lying on CV


Lying on your CV won’t get you that dream job or high salary, and could even result in you getting fired, experts have warned.

The warning comes after Lee McQueen was crowned winner of ‘The Apprentice’ last night (Wednesday), despite it emerging that he had lied on his CV by stating that he had spent two years at university, when in fact he had dropped out after just four months.

Experts are now using this example to highlight the fact that employers are putting themselves at risk if they fail to thoroughly check an employee’s background; and employees risk being sacked if they are caught out.

Deborah Fernon, recruitment adviser at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), said: “There’s nothing wrong with selling yourself when you’re applying for a job. But if you lie on your CV, you need to prepare to be caught. And if you do get caught, you could get fired.

“You may be lucky enough to get an employer like Sir Alan Sugar who’s willing to give you a second chance. But then most job interviews don’t last 11 weeks and don’t offer so many second chances. Employers still place a high value on honesty. One little lie on your CV could be enough to leave you out of a job, and with even more explaining to do next time you’re in a job interview.”

Steven Kirkpatrick, managing director for Adecco UK and Ireland, said that lying on your CV is something that should be avoided. “Whilst in Mr McQueen’s case Sir Alan Sugar seems to have overlooked this misdemeanour, not all employers would be so forgiving. Not being honest can not only damage your reputation when looking for another job, but a prospective employer may have a higher expectation of your ability than you are capable of. If you are honest, but show you are willing to learn, it gives them an opportunity to train you and you can succeed on your own merit.”

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