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Employers and employees are poles apart


Leading provider of courses in personnel and training (including CIPD courses), Malpas, have published a report revealing current attitudes to psycholgical contracts; the unspoken assumptions between employer and employee.

Findings from Malpas’s investigations indicate that their is a substantial difference between the way employers and employees view their activities.

Just over half of the employers surveyed felt that employers did their job and a little bit more; whereas 80% of employees felt they were working beyond contract.

Employees viewed the contract with their employer much more favourably than the employers believe. Where employers felt that only 45% of employees viewed the relationship as collaborative and mutually beneficial, 60% of employees felt the relationship was positive.

The reverse was true of the approach to the rate at which people work during their contractual hours. 66% of managers felt that employees thought it fair to work solidly for 75 – 95% of their contractual hours, while only 46% of employees thought this was fair.

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