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Employment legislation


This page contains a summary of all the information and resources available on HR Zone which look at employment legislation, bringing together all the information you need in one place.


For in-depth descriptions and details of legislation recently passed, see the range of specialist publications available at HR Zone Blackwell’s Bookstore.

OneClickHR provide a number of guides containing statutory information for employers relating to recruitment and selection, health and safety, staff pay and benefits and staff welfare.

The DTI’s Employment Relations pages give detailed information about a number of issues with legal implications for employers, including hours of work, pay entitlement, individual employment rights, redundancy arrangements, employee consultation and trade unions and collective rights. It also contains an online version of the Employment Relations Act 1999, which includes changes to maternity leave, parental leave, time off for dependants and employment tribunal awards.

There’s also advice about pensions legislation and the Stakeholder Pension guide from the government’s pensions information site.

For more specialist tailored advice about the implications of legislation for your organisation, you can engage the services of one of LawZone’s law firms specialising in this area.

News and Information:

We regularly add news items about legal issues and legislation to the site – see a selection from the HR Zone news pages.

Latest tribunal developments likely to affect legislation can be found on sister site LawZone, together with regularly-updated general legal news about employment issues.

LawZONE and employment barrister Daniel Barnett also produce a regular Employment Law newsletter. You can subscribe to the newsletter, and check your other subscriptions, by visiting your Personal Profile and clicking on the ‘My Newswires’ tab.

Community Features:

If you’ve got a question about any aspect of employment law, why not post it to Any Answers? where responses are sent back to you direct.

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