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EOC settles their own employee’s sex discrimination case


The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) has settled a case with one of its own staff members for sex discrimination.

Director of Marketing at the EOC’s Manchester office, Kevin Marsh began his claim after failing to be shortlisted for the post of Head of Communications. He had argued that he had reduced his working hours to look after his two children and that there were moves within the EOC to increase the number of women employees.

After negotiations over the weekend, Mr Marsh’s case which was due to be heard at a Manchester Employment Tribunal on Tuesday has been settled out of court, although the details of the settlement have not been revealed.

Mr Marsh is reported as saying, “This has been a huge ordeal for me and my family, and I am relieved it has been settled. I believe passionately that all organisations have a duty to employ people on the basis of their ability and not their personal circumstances.”

A spokeswoman for the EOC said, “We are pleased the case has been resolved.”

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