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Fall in productivity since smoking ban introduced


Many employers have reported a drop in productivity amongst their workers, as a result of the smoking ban that was introduced a year ago.

This is according to a survey of 1,100 company bosses and HR managers, by Employment Law Advisory Services (ELAS), which found that 71% have seen a decrease in productivity levels in the last 12 months, due to staff taking more frequent and longer smoking breaks.

In addition, 5% of bosses admitted to breaking the law by permitting staff to smoke indoors in a bid to encourage them to work harder.

Peter Mooney, head of consultancy at ELAS, said: “Many bosses feel that, while there are obvious health benefits for themselves and their employees, productivity has taken a real tumble due to more people spending longer away from their posts.

“Indeed, several employers have informed us that they have now decided to flout the law by allowing staff to smoke indoors again in a bid to encourage greater output. This is a criminal offence which carries a severe penalty and I would certainly not advise any employer to go down this route.”

On a more positive note, findings also revealed that 93% of bosses reported a decrease in the number of staff who start smoking, and 82% have seen a reduction in sick leave.

In related news, recently reported that the smoking ban has had a positive effect at work, although time is still being wasted on cigarette breaks.

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