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Fatigue hits workers


Latest research shows that workers in the UK are too tired to take exercise, socialize or focus on family life.

The poll conducted by recruitment group Jobs@Pertemps found that of the 500 workers quizzed two in five were unable to go to the gym or take exercise because of tiredness.

Hitting the treadmill wasn’t the only loser though with a worrying one in five admitting that they were regularly too exhausted to play with their children. While 21% said that fatigue impacted on their sex lives and recreational activities including watching television or reading a book.

Nearly one in eight claim to have been too shattered even to prepare and eat an evening meal.

A third of respondents blamed long working hours for tiredness with just under half putting it down to stress. While work hard/play hard advocates accounted for one in five who said that tiredness was down to burning the candle at both ends.

Even when asleep workers’ worries persist. Nearly half claimed they regularly dream of work at night. Becoming tongue-tied in an important meeting, arguing with the boss and being naked in the workplace were the most common types of anxiety dreams mentioned.

Janet McGlaughlin, a director of Jobs@Pertemps said: “Our research is worrying as it shows that job pressures are impacted on many people’s work-life balance. Longer hours are partly to blame, but stress was by far the most common cause identified – with dreaming about work being an obvious symptom.

“However, stress is something that can be managed. Workers can play a part by ensuring they take short, regular breaks and don’t put unnecessary pressure on themselves by taking on more work than they can handle.

“Bosses, meanwhile, should make sure they identify and make an effort to help stressed out workers.”

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