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Going back to work appeals to future retirees


New research from Whitbread, the leisure company reveals that half the current adult population, 23.5 million Britons would consider going back to work following retirement.

Money did not top the reasons for wanting to work into old age. One in five would use it as an excuse to ‘get away’ from their partner while 73% said it would keep their minds active.

Men and women shared the urge to get back to the office with slightly more females, 54% saying they would consider returning. Those in East Anglia were found to be the least enthusiastic with 62% preferring to pursue traditional retirement routes while respondents in the West Midlands topped the regional charts for those wanting to go back to work, with 60% saying they would consider taking a job.

Angie Risley, director of human resources at Whitbread, said: “Recent reports have shown that the number of people living to 80 will double by 2050, and in light of this many of these individuals will want to continue to work after retirement age for a variety of reasons. Employers need to prepare for this.

“Our research shows that a significant amount of people want to return to work for many different reasons which is great news for employers facing a skills shortage but it is important that if people are looking for a change of career at a later point in life they consider a workplace that is flexible and meets their needs.”

Whitbread offers the following advice to workers considering a return to work:
• Get the right fit: look for an organisation you will feel comfortable in, try places you like shopping or going to
• Be flexible: find a working pattern that suits you and your employer, including part-time and contract work
• Sell yourself: make a list of all the things you can do and the skills you bring
• Seek help: if required for interview skills
• Consider your physical needs: if you don’t want too much activity consider other options
• Be enthusiastic: employers want to know you are keen to work

Over a 1000 people were surveyed.

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