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Got something to say? Your community needs you


Speak to the communityWant to get an opinion off your chest, start a debate, or get up on your soapbox? Then become a contributor to! Even if you’re not a writer, you could always record a short video or audio file. Or perhaps you’d like to get really involved and become a community advocate? Here’s a detailed guide on how to take part in the community.

Debate & blogs:
Want to start a debate and speak to the community? Perhaps you just want to make a comment on a burning HR issue? Then our Members’ blog is the place to go. Remember though, entries in the blog must be geared towards relevant, practical HR discussion that will stimulate debate and must not be used to promote your own services. Word count is around 500 words. Click here to get started.

Podcasts & videos:
We’re particularly interested to hear from you if you have a good quality video or podcast that you think would interest members. Please email Lucie Mitchell at [email protected]

Ten top tips:
Perhaps a ‘Ten Top Tips’ guide on something that has worked for you in your HR career is more your thing? If you’d like to offer this kind of practical advice then please email Lucie Mitchell at [email protected]

In my opinion:
Want to write a longer review on an HR-related topic? Do you have a strong opinion that you want to put online? We welcome opinion articles from the heart of the HR profession. Please contact Lucie Mitchell in the first instance, but our guide length is around 800-1000 words. All copy should be exclusive to

Audio files:
Some people prefer speaking to writing, so we’d also like to encourage members to record audio files and videos that we could use on site – go on, don’t be shy! If this is something that you’d like to try then email [email protected]

Are you an expert in your field? If so, and you’d like to review a book, DVD, software, gadget or other items that you think would be of interest to other members, then please get in touch, letting us know more about your area of expertise. Email [email protected]. Please also let us know of anything that you think would be of interest to review – see our core subjects below.

Spotlights & profiles:
Would you like to nominate someone well known in the community for a ‘Spotlight’ profile slot? Perhaps you’d like us to try and interview one of the ‘greats’ like Edward de Bono or Dave Ulrich? If you’ve got ideas for content that you’d like to see, then please get in touch. Email [email protected]

We are mainly a feature-led website, but press releases on our core subjects only please (see box below) should be sent to [email protected]

Other material:
Perhaps you have a monthly quiz that you’d like to share, a prize you’d like to donate for a competition, or some other way that you’d like to get involved? Please email Lucie Mitchell at the usual address: [email protected]

Community advocates:
If you want to get really involved, then you could consider becoming a community advocate – someone who is at the hub of a particular section, or location, within the industry. We could give you your own page on site for your ‘group’ to use for copy and networking. This is a new idea, but if you think that it is something that you would like to try, then please get in touch by emailing [email protected]

Partner pages:
We’re also keen to explore relationships with other organisations that will add benefit to our website and yours, so please get in touch if you’d like to find out more. Email our managing editor [email protected]

We’re always delighted to hear feedback about the site – both positive and negative – especially if you’ve encountered any problems. Email [email protected]

Editorial guidelines:
All copy should be exclusive to – so PR companies, please do not send us a round robin feature! Our editorial policy is not to use material directly promoting an organisation’s goods and services. For this reason, we refer to the writer by name only in any introductory synopsis and offer a full credit at the end of any submitted material. Otherwise, the work of your company should not be referred to within the body text.

Republishing material elsewhere:
We are normally delighted to hear that members like to republish material from elsewhere, as long as there is a credit to us and a direct link to us if the material is appearing on another website. Please just email us first, to let us know that you would like to do this.

All advertising queries should be directed to our advertising manager Michael Strawbridge at: [email protected]

Membership enquiries:
All membership enquiries should be emailed to [email protected] covers the following core subjects:

Absence management
Employee benefits & rewards
Recruitment and retention
Performance and discipline
Interim management
Induction & appraisals
Engagement & motivation
Employment law
Flexible working
Opinion pieces from key players in HR
HR strategy – change management, talent management, outsourcing, succession planning etc
HR software
HR careers
Temps & agency workers
Leadership & management
Diversity & equal opportunities
Health & safety
Work-life balance

If you’ve got news or feature ideas on training topics – such as coaching & mentoring, learning & development, qualifications, learning technologies, NLP, and team building – then Susie Finch or Claire Savage, the editors of our sister site, would love to hear from you. Email [email protected]

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