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HR is the least ‘salary sensitive’ sector


HR are often more driven by challenges and opportunities than the promise of more money, claim recruitment outfit Angela Mortimer.

Findings from the recruitment firm’s salary survey show that HR professionals are amongst the most discerning and least salary sensitive of all the sectors.

The survey also claims that despite vacancies, there is little movement in the HR market.

Other key findings include:

  • The three most important motivators for HR candidates are career progression, cultural fit and a realistic compensation package

  • Many candidates move jobs for similar salaries seeking career progression and opportunity

  • The going market rate of a permanent HR Director in London is higher in Financial Services (£125k) than in Professional Services (£95k), Retail (£82k), Public Sector (£68k) and Commerce & Industry (£63k).

  • Regionally in all sectors, London is the top payer – a permanent HR Director in Financial Services is: London (£125k), Birmingham (£110k) and Manchester (£75k).

Angela Mortimer, Chairman of the firm commented: “This survey is the most extensive listing we have ever compiled, and really serves to demonstrate the disparity in incomes across certain sectors and within the industry as a whole. If managers know what is motivating their candidates, whether it be salary, opportunity, challenge or feeling comfortable in the culture of the agency, it will go a long way towards improving staff motivation and ultimately output.”

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