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HR Tip: Timekeeping standards


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HRD & Payroll Solutions continues to bring HR Zone members a range of HR and payroll tips in 2006. A market leader in the provision of HR and Payroll training and nationally recognised professional qualifications, HRD & Payroll Solutions are highly experienced in teaching about common HR and payroll problems. A wide selection of tips, tricks and guidance can be seen below. HR Zone highly recommends that any tips are taken as a starting point for guidance only.

Question: “Our sales staff – who admittedly often work well into the evening if they are with clients – drift into work at odd times during the first hour of the morning. This causes resentment among other employees who are disciplined if they come in late more than a couple of times in a month. What should we do?”

HR Tip:
Yes, this can be a problem. I suggest you do two things. First point out to sales staff the difficulty they are causing but that it is the perception rather than the facts of the matter that is the problem. Suggest to them that, if they work into the evening, they should have a decent night’s sleep and come in, say, at ten o’clock, but that, if they did not have to work well into the previous evening, they should come in on time.

Second you should explain this arrangement to all the other employees so that they understand. Point out that, whilst sales staff may enjoy a good expenses paid meal with a client, they are also missing out on their home life. And of course sales staff bring in the business that pays everyone’s wages. You will not solve this one overnight, but if you persuade your sales staff to engage with this arrangement, you are likely to find the resentment disappearing.

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