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HR Tip: Written confirmation of disciplinary sanction


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Question: What exactly should we put into a confirmation letter after we have imposed a sanction on an employee following a formal disciplinary hearing?

HR Tip: You should leave the employee in no doubt as to his or her situation. Therefore you must include:

  • The problem that gave rise to the discipline
  • Your decision
  • The type of warning you are giving, for example formal, final
  • The change of behaviour required
  • What will happen if the change is not forthcoming, for example further disciplinary action that could lead to dismissal
  • For how long the warning will remain valid
  • What to do if the employee wishes to appeal.

If appropriate you might also add:

  • Details of any support that is available to help the employee improve
  • A timetable of performance or behaviour reviews
  • Some comment about the more acceptable aspects of the employee's behaviour to indicate that you are addressing one aspect, and not attacking the whole perso
  • An expression of hope that they will improve

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