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HR to receive pay boost


HR professionals can expect a 10% increase on current salaries.

A recent salary survey produced by the recruitment consultancy Joslin Rowe says that recruitment within HR is expected to remain increasingly active.

In the financial services sector, HR officers can foresee a starting salary of £34,000, which is a £4,000 increase on last year. Compensation and benefits officers can expect a similar rise.

In the Commerce and Industry sector, an HR officer can earn up to £32,000, a £2,000 increase from six months ago. One of the biggest salary increases recorded was £10,000 for a Training and Development Manager within the Commerce and Industry sector, who can now earn up to £55,000. Bonus payments are also looking extremely optimistic, with HR staff in financial services expecting bonuses of up to 15%.

Kris Sasitharan of Joslin Rowe said:

“The results from the survey have been very positive, enabling us to anticipate increasingly high volumes of HR recruitment over the next six months, within both the financial services and the commerce and industry markets.

“As the demand for both temporary and permanent HR professionals increases, organisations are looking for specific skill sets; within the financial services sector the required skills continue to be academic based, in contrast, the non – banking sectors look for onsite experience.”

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