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HR Zone Members Newswire #59 – Coaching and mentoring – understanding the difference


HR Zone Members Newswire Issue 59
03 August 2004

1. Coaching and mentoring – understanding the difference
2. How Did I Get Here? – Tony Lakin, IPPM
3. HR Charter series – become an employer of choice
4. Falling pay in the HR Profession – hot debate
5. Outsourcing the HR function – members’ experiences

Editor’s note

The difference between coaching and mentoring is often hotly
debated. Does your organisation recognise the difference? Are
the two seen as bespoke functions or are the terms often
confused. Share your thoughts and experiences with other HRZone

Any Answers hots up! Questions posted this year have already
exceeded total numbers attained in 2003! Our Community Members
have notched up 1261 answers. Thanks to all our regular
contributors, for making HR Zone one of the most interactive
websites for HR professionals and from the scores of individuals
you have helped out over the year.


Dawn-Marie Dart
mailto:[email protected]

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Member’s news

Welcome new members

This week, HR Zone welcomes members from the following
organisations, among others, to the site:

Wells Healthcare Communications Limited; University of
Westminster; Hargreaves Lansdown; Bedfordshire Police; Fife Fire
and Rescue Service; British Horseracing Board; FedEx Express;
LFEPA; The National Trust; Tetra Pak UK; Spring IT Solutions;
Pegasus Security Group.

New HR Charter series
HR Charter author Paul Kearns invites you to debate the issue of
How to become an employer of choice – what it means and how your
organisation can attract the best talent.

HR Zone members can now view all of the HR Charter articles in
our new HR Charter page…

Hot debate: HR Managers quit as earnings stutter
Resignations amongst HR managers have increased in the year to
January 2004 as movements in earnings stuttered, according to
research by the Chartered Management Institute and Remuneration
Economics. Have you felt the pinch?

How Did I Get Here?
This week, Trevor Lakin, Managing Director at The Institute of
Payroll and Pensions Management, reflects on a turning point in
his career when he was told to stop lunching and start making
some progress!

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Featured Any Answers question: Outsourcing of HR activity
Q: What experiences have people had of outsourced HR support for
the whole function? I am especially interested in using an
external supplier to support the whole activity rather than
simply payroll or using a consultant to handle some especially
difficult options.

Quentin Colborn

Members responses

(Edited comments appear – see the site for full details)

Many organisations outsource their payroll to some degree
although my experience of one of the largest was almost
uniformly awful although some of the fault was with my previous
employer a. for believing their promises and b, for rushing in
to it.
Click below for the full answer…

Peter Stanway

I agree with the sentiment Peter Stanway forwarded. There are
too many disparate disciplines for suppliers to be the best at
all of them. For example very few Payroll outsourcers can
administer pensions.

Brian Butterly


Read the full responses to this question – and add your own – at

Anthony Robbins – Unleash The Power Within
If you do today exactly what you did yesterday then you can
expect tomorrow to be as disappointing as today was or maybe you
could change your life forever. See Anthony Robbins live. Click
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Any Answers

Any Answers is the place to go to share your professional
experiences with others. A selection of new Any Answers
questions posted this week:

* Capp Philippa looks for advice on implementing salary bands in
the distribution/logistics industry. See the question at:

* Laura Makin asks: “We are looking at introducing a capability
procedure, does anyone have a copy of one they could let me have
a look at?”

* Scoring applications for the Bradford Factor absence model –
how effective is it? – asks Debbie Starkey.

* Communicating the value of benefits – Toni Naylor asks how to
extol their worth.

Access the full list of questions – and add your own – at

Any Answers answered

Q – We pay our employees two types of bonuses – one is an
individual performance related bonus (based on info gathered in
the appraisal process and so the amount due is agreed and paid
every six months) and one is a company turnover related bonus
(calculated on quarterly sales figures). If an employee is on
maternity leave what bonus payments are they due?

Susan Austin

A – There has been some recent (very expensive) case law on this
and the EOC are looking closely at this issue. It is covered
under sex discrimination ….. see the full answer to understand
the different approaches and procedures applicable to employees
on ordinary and additional maternity leave.

Gillian Tinson

If you have a question – or can offer an answer – go to

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