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HRZone user survey – the results are in

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In August this year we ran a user survey on HRZone that asked our users what their browsing habits were and how they used the website. The survey ran for three and a half weeks and received 104 responses.

From the survey results we are able to better understand the needs from you, our users.

This report gives an overview of the main findings of the user survey, highlighting particular insights into user behavior.

57% of users consider themselves to be ‘good at using the internet’, and visit HRZone on a weekly basis to find out what’s new on the site and read content on people management.  

While a high number, over 44%, of users have accounts, they primarily register in order to receive the email bulletins. Other features like engaging with the community and writing blog posts are less important to them. Of the users surveyed, 23% of those that didn’t have accounts stated the reason as being because they didn’t know they existed, but would register for one if the benefits were made clearer to them and social sign-on was available.

Out of the audience we surveyed 8% publish blog posts on the site. When asked how they found the process 75% of them found the process easy. Out of the remaining who didn’t 29% said that the reason they don’t publish blog posts is because they didn’t realise they could or it isn’t something they would normally do. Out of those that were surveyed, 76% said they don’t tend to comment on content on HRZone, but those that said they do tend to comment on Blogs, community questions and opinion pieces.

Downloadable content is popular with HRZone users and they tend to download reports, research and whitepapers over content like webinars or videos. Of those that do not download content, 55% said that not knowing they could was the reason.

Some of the feedback that we received from users:

“You're a lively forum for well-informed and challenging debate…”

“I love HR Zone. It is the most up to date and fresh HR information portal out there.”

“I appreciate the work and contribution of the published material”

“…I like the community of commentators, nice friendly supportive people”

Some suggestions that users made:

“Many pieces of content are long form and consist in heavy blocks of text. More visual content (e.g. infographics, etc.) would make the offer of content more varied and readable.”

“Add more features such as HR Templates (Performance Evaluation Report, etc.)”

This is about using the site, but what about the content?

We’re keeping ideas and suggestions about what content you want to see on HRZone separate from the user survey.

So, what’s next?

The most important part of this process is now to take the information and to use it to make the site better! Whether that’s outlining the benefits of becoming a registered members or making the experience of actually being a registered member a more rewarding one. We'll be releasing more information and updates right here on site so please get involved!

Do the results of the survey surprise you? If you didn't get a chance to take the survey but still want to let us know what you think please leave a comment below or feel free to send us an email if you'd rather to

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Dan Izzard

Community and Engagement Coordinator

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