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Industrial Society: Cut absenteeism by being more flexible


The Industrial Society says that flexible annual leave and working hours, along with the ability to work from home, can all help to cut down on the number of days taken off by employees.

The research which led to the Industrial Society's report results from a survey of 300 firms. The results indicated that where businesses offered such flexibility, absenteeism dropped from an average 8 days a year to 6.5 days a year per employee over the last 18 months.

The most common reasons cited for absence by employees were:

  • Flu/colds: 91%
  • Stomach upset/food poisoning: 74%
  • Headaches/migraines: 54%

Employers apparently tell a different tale:

  • Flu/colds: 65%
  • Stress/emotional problems: 43%
  • Caring for family members: > 33%
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