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Leadership potential quashed


Most UK workers feel that they are under-valued and not reaching their full potential at work, according to a new survey.

The Transferable Leadership Skills Survey, conducted by the Territorial Army (TA) and the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM), asked workers whether they felt they had any of six leadership skills and over 90% responded that they did.

However only half said that they felt truly able to take or show leadership initiative in the workplace.

Almost all employees (95%) felt that leadership and management training would greatly enhance their long-term prospects, such as promotion (95%).

Gary Ince, chief executive of ILM said that the survey showed a mass of leadership potential in the UK that is not being tapped in to by employers.

“This survey has revealed the potential that exists in our work places, which is often overlooked by employers who focus on a top down autocratic style of leadership rather than developing leadership skills at all levels,” he said.

“With coaching and mentoring coming to fore in organisational management it is about time the UK woke up and looked to releasing the true possibilities of our workforce.”

Respondents were asked whether they felt that they were capable of doing the below six things, which are judged by the ILM as being key skills in leadership:

* Analyse situations and generate multiple responses
* Be able to focus while seeing the bigger picture
* Effectively influence people
* Quickly acquire and utilise new knowledge
* Be decisive
* Form and reform alliances and networks

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Annie Hayes


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