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Member wire #106 – Member of the month; HR Diary – dress codes


HR Zone Members Newswire Issue 106
5 July 2005

1. Member of the month
2. HR Practitioner’s Diary: Tribunal teasers
3. Payroll Tip: Credit cards
4. News In Brief: The week in HR
5. Any Answers: restrictive covenants, redundancy alternatives

Editor’s note
I’m continually impressed by the quality of responses we get at
Any Answers and inspired by your fantastic knowledge sharing
we’re introducing a new member of the month slot.

June’s accolade goes to Emma Parrott for her great insight on
the considerations of redundancy pay for part-timers. To see her
checklist and payment guidance go to:

To nominate a member of the month drop me a line at the email
address below.

And don’t forget to catch up on the latest news from our HR
Practitioner, Sue Kingston who deals with the thorny issue of
dress codes – a discussion you’ve been hotly debating at Any

For more on that and to see how Sue got on with a hammock, a
steak and a bottle of champers go to:

Good luck!


Annie Hayes
mailto:[email protected]

Welcome new members
This week, HR Zone welcomes members from the following
organisations, among others, to the site:

Reed; Northgate Information Solutions; Manpower; Forensic
Science Service; Connex Transport Ireland Limited; Hertfordshire
Community Foundation; TLT Solicitors; Hopscotch HR; WRAY People
Management; Psychometric Services Ltd; Watson Wyatt; DLA Piper;
Quest Diagnostics, Incorporated; GMP Recruitment Services; Grant
Thornton; Stress Solutions Ltd; RBS Insurance; Standard Life;
Illumine Training; The Portage Resort Hotel; Greater Manchester
Police; Craegmoor Healthcare; Carlsberg UK; ABB Limited

Any Answers Answered
Catch up on the latest answers supplied by members at ‘Any
Answers’ and reflect on the issues at hand:

Restrictive covenants
See members’ advice on whether restrictive covenants can be
enforced and their associated value.

Redundancy alternatives
Members’ exchanges on whether a unilateral reduction in hours
enforced as an alternative to redundancy but with no
consultation is legal.

Maternity cover and pay
Emma Paish gets advice on pay considerations for a seconded
employee to a maternity cover post – join the discussion at:

Share your views
Catch-up with the latest questions being asked by the community
and add your answers at:

What is the legislation governing the giving of feedback on
unsuccessful job applications? Asks Clive Boorman.

Martin Johnson a seasoned business professional needs your
advice on how to make the transition to HR.

Does anyone pay retainers to selected retirees for work after
retirement? Asks Rachel Haake.

Read all the latest questions and add your own:

Members’ corner
News in Brief: The week in HR
Latest HR news including pay deals back in the doldrums, Blair
urged to make ‘poverty history’, why the carriage clock is
losing favour and how working with a woman and living with a man
might just be the best recipe for success.

HR Practitioner’s Diary: Tribunal teasers
Sue recounts how an associate managed to turn a sexual
harassment case to her advantage. Read on to find out more and
see how Sue got on with a hammock, a steak and a bottle of

Payroll Tip: Credit cards
What procedure should be used when an employee makes a purchase
using the employer’s credit card?

Vision, Leadership & the Creation of Management Consulting
Book Review: Values, integrity and respect are three words,
which are continually used to describe Marvin Bower in this
authorised biography.

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Annie Hayes


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